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Erotic Nude Workshop 3rd October 2017 - Roxy
(2 Photographers Only or 1-to-1)

Let Us Show You How to Create Masterpieces of Erotic Imagery

Using two different studio sets, Leigh will show you how to make the transition from artistic nude photography and cross into the realm of the erotic. Using skilful lighting, imaginative yet simple studio sets and a variety of choreographed poses we can show how erotic photography can push the boundaries of acceptability whilst retaining the stylish and elegant beauty associated with Leigh's work. This workshop is for only two photographers so ample shooting time one on one with the model is guaranteed.

What is covered in this workshop

  • Studio Flash overview and setup
  • Camera setup and explanation if required.
  • Explanation and demonstration of lighting modifiers & reflectors
  • Studio set planning and design.
  • Two different studio sets in which to photograph our model of the day
  • In depth look at lighting techniques throughout the day.
  • Ample shooting time with our model in both studio sets.
  • Advice on using props.
  • How to direct your Model with posing tips and techniques.

This workshop caters for both beginner and advanced photographers so no matter what your level of experience you can be sure of learning new skills in a fun and relaxed studio atmosphere.

See a gallery of previous workshop images featuring Roxy

Workshop Details


Date:- 3rd October 2017
Time:- 10:30am - 5:00pm
Location:- Mighty Aphrodite Studio
24 Field Close
Burghfield Common

Model:- Roxy working to erotic nude level.
Nationality:- British/Spanish
Hair Colour:- Brown
Eyes:- Green
Height:- 5'6"
Bust:- 32" DD
Waist:- 26"
Hips:- 36"
Dress Size:- 8(UK)

Refreshments:- Buffet lunch, tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks.
Requirements:- Digital SLR Camera, Lens (24-85mm approx or similar) Memory cards.
Cost:- £325 per person
Max number of places:- 2
Places Left:- 0 Sold Out

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